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Rusticity Wooden Matryoshka Doll / Russian Nesting Doll | Handmade |


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Matryoshka dolls are one of Russia's classic craft pieces, which became known in the late 19th century. The production of these dolls is a very specific process, wherein the entire set is made out of a single block of wood that the artisan cuts into two halves and then carves the top and bottom of the dolls from these halves until there is a very small amount of wood left for the last doll. Rusticity's Matryoshka Doll has been handpainted into a traditionally dressed Indian woman by artisans from Rajasthan, India. It opens up to become five separate dolls, and is a perfect gift for children and a suitable decor item for your home.

Rusticity stands for the quality of being rustic. We are an international brand of traditional products handcrafted for modern use. Our products are created to add a traditional rustic flavor to your lives at the same time creating modern usability and value.

All our products are sourced in a fair and responsible manner and provide some highly needed support to these traditional arts and crafts that are dying.

*Since these are handcrafted, each individual unit may vary slightly from each other
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