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Rusticity stands for the quality of being rustic. We are an international brand of traditional products which have been handcrafted for modern use. Our products are created to add a traditional rustic flavour to your lives, while at the same time, being of modern utility and value.
We source all our products from traditional artisans from Indian villages who have been in the handcrafting profession for a long time. We acquire all items in a fair and responsible manner and provide some highly needed support to these traditional arts and crafts that are facing a daily struggle to survive in the wake of a globalised mechanised world. With every product you buy, we move a step ahead in promoting an age-old art form and helping the talent of these artisans get international recognition.
We use a number of woods for our products, including Indian Rosewood or Sheesham, Mango wood and Rosewood. Find out more about the qualities of these woods and how to care for them at Rusticity's By-The-Wood Series of blog posts.
We obtain all our products from traditional artisans located in various parts of India, including Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, etc. These artisans are skilled in the art of handcrafting and woodcarving. They use traditional hand-held tools for carving the wood into beautiful items of decorative and utility purpose.
The wood used for our products are durable and decay-resistant. They do not have any artificial polish, but have been buffed with sand paper. They are not waterproof and hence should not be submerged in water for washing, but should be wiped clean with a damp cloth.
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