If you are reading this, you are interested in the rustic.

Perhaps you have in your possession a beautifully handcrafted item that you look at, admire, use or display on a daily basis.

You could’ve got it at a local shop, or a retail store, or maybe from Rusticity’s website. You brought it as a surprise for your family or a gift for your loved one, or a treat to yourself the first time you bought an apartment. Perhaps you received it as a gift yourself. You adored it, your acquaintances envied it. But where was it made? Who made it? How did the art evolve?

Perhaps, more than once, you have wondered where it came from.

Rusticity brings to you a series of blog posts - Stories From A Sylvan Land - to answer such questions and bring you the backdrop against which that handcrafted rustic decor item sitting in your living room right now was born.