rustic /rʌstɪk/


  • Of or relating to the countryside; rural. Having a simplicity and charm that is considered typical of the countryside.
  • Made in a plain and simple fashion, in particular: made of untrimmed branches or
    rough timber; having a rough-hewn or roughened surface or deeply sunk joints.

    The idea of rustic brings with itself a unique connection to our past which is difficult to overlook. With the lightning fast pace at which we live today, there is an increasing trend to separate the home from the not-home by bringing in an element of nature and organic living. Rustic décor serves exactly that purpose. The rustic appeals to some because of the homespun, country feeling it gives; while to others it creates the ideas of open spaces and cabin lodges. How well either of the effects work depends upon the objects in the room, the lighting used, and the spaces surrounding them.

    You might not be ready to put a barn log on the ceiling yet, but there are several things you can do to give your home that cosy Arcadian look.

    Why the rustic trend?

    What makes a simple unpolished piece of furniture more appealing than finely carved mahogany? To be fair, not all rustic furniture gives the desired look, but when combined well with its surroundings, rustic works its magic. The rustic embraces nature, and in nature we feel at peace. It incorporates wood finishes, floral designs and organic patterns, which help to bring a bit of the outdoors; indoor.

    Within nature, we tend to escape our cubicled worklives and the rush of the 21st century, which is the perfect retreat you want your home to be.

    Rustic decor is practical in its utility, but apart from that, it also awakens our appreciation of human genius and resourcefulness. An item of daily use created with minimalistic ingredients and recyclable materials speaks of how human intelligence can create and nurture while keeping nature in the loop. Unlike mass-produced items, rustic decor items are traditionally handmade by artisans, thereby giving them a distinctive quality such that no two products look the same. Every item speaks singularly of natural, freeform art.

    Rustic is bold and gutsy, while at the same time, warm and inviting. It isn’t covered and controlled by do’s and don’ts, and reminds us of the effortless beauty we see in nature. With collaborative designs which blend in across a variety of architectural structures, the trend of rustic decor as a home set-up idea is here to stay for a long time.