The kitchen serves as one of the most multidimensional and multifunctional spaces of our home. To create a pleasant space for yourself to cook and dine in makes both experiences worth your time.

A few rustic additions to your kitchen can make a huge impact on the overall demeanor of the place, making it warm and inviting; a separate, comforting nook from long days of work and socialising. We bring to you a few such simplistic yet impactful ideas for your kitchen and dining space.

  • Wood Plank Floor FInish
  • Do away with the tiles and the vinyl, and bring in spare planks from your garden cabin to redo the kitchen floor. A light wooden finish makes it a welcoming space to enter, as it is a significant denotation of being a little closer to nature.


  • White Stone Countertop
  • A stretch of white marble, white granite or any other building stone as an expanse in your kitchen does wonders to the kitchen visage, adding the feel of a larger space and a sleek and streamlined countertop.


  • A Hand Pump Kitchen Faucet
  • A simple device, yet a handpump kitchen faucet adds a titanic effect of a rustic country look to your kitchen. Pair it up with a stone kitchen sink and a tiny grass pot by the side for the sublime effect.


  • Test-Tube Spice Rack
  • Bring in a little chemistry into your kitchen with a DIY test-tube spice rack - a unique and foolproof way of storing your spices while adding a rustic element to your kitchen cabinet.


  • Wooden Kitchen Tool Set
  • If you thought that spatulas were the only wooden thing to have in your kitchen tool set, thing again. Rusticity Wooden Kitchen Tool Set has a seven tool collection including a wooden barrel holder which would make cooking a verdant experience while making your countertop look rustic in a perfectly minimalistic way.