The word “Marble” comes from the Greek word Marmaron, literally giving it the meaning shining stone. While its appearance may suggest otherwise, marble is surprisingly easy to carve due to its softness and is hence an extremely popular choice in sculpting.


We’ve all been in awe some time or the other of marble structures, given their regal nature and sophisticated look. One of the best examples would be the Taj Mahal in India, the memorial built by Mughal emperor Shahjahan in honour of his departed wife Mumtaz Mahal. Other such marvels are the Lincoln Memorial statue, the Vatican Museum and ST. Peter's Basilica. 



Marble isn’t really inexpensive, but when used well, it can add wonders to your home decor in an efficient manner. Check out a few places in your home where you can incorporate marble structures.



Arguably the favourite place to display a beautiful, smooth span of cool white marble. One could even extend the countertop to make an enviable kitchen island by laying the sides with marble as well.



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Fireplace and Mantle

If you do not want to use marble all over your house, the fireplace is one area where it is bound to attract most attention. Marble adds definition to the already focal point of the fireplace in any given room. Topping it up with a different coloured marble mantle gives you a complete ensemble.



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If you can afford it, do it. Marble flooring is one of the most amazing and creative home decor ideas you can choose for your house. Almost anything can go well with a marble floor. The best, however, comes out of a combination of marble and wood, creative a natural, earthy and rustic feeling about the place.



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An easy solution to bringing the marble touch into your home. Invest in some marble for your kitchenware like serving trays, mortar and pestles, chopping boards, etc. A budget option to help you realise your marble dream.


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Bathroom Accessories

We use several items in the bathroom which can automatically be a decor item. Marble bathroom accessories are, thus, an intelligent option which would not burn a hole in our pocket. Find an exclusive collection here.