Be what the festival may, an earthy, natural look never goes wrong when it comes to dining, design and decoration. We came together to decide which of our products would be the best ensemble for a Christmas living room!


A small, frankly adorable addition which can make any corner or empty space brighten up instantly. It is is a small yet splendid accessory to have alongside your couch, and its dismantlable structure ensures easy portability and thus, a variable display at different places.





Keeping your dressing table organised makes dressing up a pleasant experience to undergo. An important part of any dressing experience, thus, is a mirror. Rusticity's Wooden Vanity Mirror serves your purpose while being an item of subtle decor in your dressing area. A mountable structure makes this an easily displayed item, being both useful and decorative. With ornate handcarvings and a rich black colour, this item adds the perfect touch of rustic to your cosmetic experience.






A little floral touch never goes wrong with any place, time or occasion. Rusticity's Wooden Flower Vase is ornately carved to compliment any bunch of blooms you choose to put in them. Liven up your home with this small yet significant addition.





Music is for the soul, they say, and the quality of retro never goes wrong when it comes to music. Rusticity's Gramophone figurine with a solid wooden base is the perfect incLusion in a music lover's living room. With its beautiful brass sheen and hand-carved intricacies, this item gleams in a certain illumination of its own, wherever you place it.